The consciousness of a new era

Every day more and more people are seeking for expansion of consciousness. It’s the voice of our inner self-craving for more knowledge. In the new era, people will no longer look for answers and advice from great leaders, but within themselves. This search for self-knowledge will bring the information necessary to begin an internal healing process, opening space for the necessary learning and then co-create a world more aligned with these new energies.

Our purpose

Namaste 108

Hello! We are Karen & David, founders of the Namaste108 project. Our purpose is to help others in their process of self-knowledge and search for their dreams. We're here to offer you tools to reconnect with your essence, to find what makes your heart sing and connect with it's purpose.


Bringing together our knowledge and experience, we want to offer you tools to start an inner revolution! We believe that the process of self-knowledge is separated into stages and we can assist you in each one of them:


The first step to follow your purpose is to feel good about yourself. Through healing techniques, we use different alternative therapies that help to heal the physical and subtle body, removing blockages of fear and negative beliefs to make room for a new self: a self that vibrates in love and abundance.


Once you make room for your new self, your soul begins to seek for more knowledge. Through courses and trainings, we want to give you the tools that will be the basis for starting the process to become your own guru.


Knowledge is only valid when shared, and that’s why we want to help you share your gifts through design. By helping professionals who works with purpose, we increase the chain of good. With our expertise in Design, we want to increase your professional image and help you advertise your services.

What people are talking about us:

Karen is a lovely person. She welcomed me with in her house, with all love, care and attention. Great work. I felt much better and I will be back more often !!! Thank you so much for the lovely morning. Namastê

Regiane De Santis,
Gold Coast, Australia

David helped me to give life to my project - Transform Lives. After explaining my idea he introduced me a variety of designs to choose from. It was amazing how David managed to transpose to a logo the essence of the project. He organized the simplest and most suitable theme for the website, added the necessary plugins, among other technicalities, all ready to launch the website. In terms of marketing, he designed the business cards including the first order, organized Facebook Page, etc. Plus, you're always available to answer questions and solve any problems. Excellent customer service. The next step will be to order your services for new photos and small videos. I know David will do a fantastic job. Of course, I recommend your services to those looking for a customized and creative service.

Ricardina SIlva,
Transform lives - Portugal/Australia

I feel better after reiki! Definitely, reiki healed me a lot! You are amazing. Thank you!

Dorota Magdalena Zuzanna Mroczek,
Gold Coast, Austrália

If there is something truly relaxing, it is the Yoga classes in the Park that I have been attending from time to time. I had never imagined practising yoga in a park and to my surprise I loved it! The first time I had tried yoga was in an enclosed place and I even enjoyed it, but not as much as here. In the park I can feel the grass, the wind, listen to the waves of the sea and relax completely. What's more, my yoga teacher Karen gave a wonderful lesson, with a very good vibe, with a lot of love and dedication for what she does, conveying an infinite peace for me and the other students. I recommend everyone to try the Yoga in the Park with us and I guarantee you will like it!

Ana Maria De la Ossa,
Cali, Colombia

My name is Fabienne and I am from Basel (Switzerland). I am a student at Shafston International College in Southport (QLD, Australia). When I arrived in Australia I was a bit stressed because of my new situation. As my first supplementary class, I chose to do yoga with Karen Pok. I had never practised yoga before and it was a very good experience. I could relax and feel comfortable. She also had very nice music during class and Karen was a very nice and competent teacher. I'm sure I'll be back in class!

Basel, Schweiz

When I arrived in Australia I had the chance to be alone to connect with myself. The lessons with  Karen have been my peace of mind where I could find my mind in peace ... I am grateful for my yoga practice. The simple fact of breathing properly or practicing asanas has the power to change my whole day and renew my energies. I am also super grateful for all that I have received in my life as the best friends I could have met here in Australia.

Renata Luri,
São Paulo, Brazil

I am meditating every day with my mandala and the effects are incredible! I'm sleeping better, with no pain in my lower back ... Look, it's really empowering meditation and bringing me a lot of peace!

Vanessa Jampietro,
Sydney, Australia

Simple work, with pastel tones, I found very tasteful and delicate. It was one of the reasons I wanted to give for friends, besides the meaning that the Mandala represents. I point out to everyone who identifies with Mandala energy.

Valeria Paraizo,
Gold Coast, Australia

I believe that nothing in life happens at random, there is always a reason, beings that intersect, experiences that are shared and my small change began with a session that I won from Karen because I had indicated a friend of mine. I think that was all I needed to recharge my energy at that moment. Karen has incredible energy, I came out of it renewed! Thank you!

Carolina Trauczynski Lima,
Gold Coast, Australia

The work of Karen enchanted me, I left feeling lighter and with a very good energy. We created a connection right on the first call, which turned into a friendship. Besides being a sweetheart, she's great at what she does!

Aline Vasconcellos Neves,
Gold Coast, Australia

David Pok is an excellent graphic designer, filmmaker and content creator who has a great eye for detail, creative ideas and is a joy to work with. We have worked with David on multiple occasions on the creation of a Video, presentation and website content for our business. From start to finish the experience was beyond positive. David took us through the step by step creation process and offered a lot of insights and creative ideas. From start to finish it was truly an awesome and fun experience, with focus on great customer service. We could not be happier with the end product and we are looking forward to working together again soon.

Mindroom Innovation - Gold Coast

David made the process of transferring website concept to website incredibly easy. He was able to take all the ideas and requirements I had, and create an easy to use, uncluttered, effective website which I absolutely love.

Inez Tolley,
Momentum Muscle Therapy - Gold Coast

I am currently working with David Pok on my business website. I was extremely impressed with David's professionalism.He asked numerous questions to ensure he captured the essence of my company. He then presented me with a variety of original designs for me to choose my preferred artwork. I knew from the outset that David was the right person for the job. I am delighted with the progress that has been made so far as it illustrates state-of-the-art technology and strong marketing concepts. I look forward to completing my site in the near future. I have no hesitation in recommending his services to anyone who requires a friendly personal approach with guaranteed positive outcomes.

Deirdre Jewitt,
Institute of Reiki Australia - Gold Coast

Simply gorgeous. I asked Karen 3 mandala drawings to frame and put in the little room in my baby and she made 3 beautiful designs with beautiful colors and totally my style. She super listened to me and put a lot of love in each. Thank you one more time, they brighten up my house. Xx

Daniela Mota Orosco,
Gold Coast, Australia

Feeling of peace and lightness from the first contact with Karen. My two experiences were wonderful. Reiki has come into my life at the right time, through the right person, helping to connect and balance more and more.

Francisco Moretti Bello,
Gold Coast, Australia

No words for the Healing session with you, Ka. One of life's most incredible experiences. I recommend it sooooo much!

Beatriz Giffoni,
Gold Coast, Australia

I'm here to recommend Karen's work. I did with her aura cleansing, reiki and chakra alignment. Karen is a very good person and I super hyper recommend. I'm feeling much happier and lighter. Thank you, Ka!

Fernanda Serra,
Gold Coast, Australia

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