Dreams and Dreamers

A little bit about our story

Hello! We are Karen and David, a couple who one day discovered that getting on with life just waiting for days to pass by no longer made sense. One day we found we could be co-creators of our reality and then we left our comfort zone in search of a dream. At that time, our dream was to make a great road trip and then we crossed the world to make the dream come true in Australia. There were many challenges behind the achievements, but we made it! And the best: it was the realization of that dream that brought us where we are today.

It was in 2016 that we created a project called Namaste108, whose main idea was to make a trip with purpose. We traveled by van around Australia giving free yoga classes and connecting with many people along the way.

This journey opened our minds to the potential that Namaste108 had and from then on we began to shape our project into what it is today: a multipotential enterprise that encompasses design, healing, and personal growth.

Multipotentiality is the term used to define a combination of skills in several distinct areas, but they connect with each other to create an unique service.

A company of the New Era

We are those who want to change the world, who look at the future with optimistic eyes and know that change begins with us.

In the age of aquarius, people will no longer depend on great leaders or put their hopes on a guru, they will understand that the wisest of all gurus is the one who dwells within us. As we look inside, we will discover our natural abilities and our purpose. This will help us to connect with each other, learning to share and working collectively for a greater good. We are all one. Together we can make a positive impact by planting one seed at a time until they become fruits for our future.


We bring together our knowledge and experience to offer services in the areas of:




Today we work with people that are looking for their purpose and believe in a better world. If you want to somehow change your life but still don’t know where to start, we offer content for you to take the first step. If you are already on your path, through our services we can help you to boost your best version.


Karen Pok
Artist of Happiness

Aquarian with ascendant in Gemini, loves animals, crystals and flowers. She likes to make and eat cake and believes that happiness is for everyone!

David Pok
Designer of Dreams

Adman by university and designer by osmosis, martial artist who loves being near the water and inventor of exotic foods.