Hi, I'm Karen!

Curious and creative and optimistic


I'm a multipotential, someone who is passionate about various things from different areas. I can say that I'm a yoga instructor, interior designer, holistic therapist, blogger, artist, creator, photographer, but the truth is that I am all this and more.

I have passions for different areas and today I see that they all connect in some way to define my work. I created my first blog when I was 11, I learned about chakras and energy when I was 15 and from there I’ve studied photography, architecture, interior design, yoga, reiki, feng shui, happiness science, life coaching and so many other things that I may not even remember now. I love to study and seek new things and the sum of all this knowledge and this experience translates a little of who I am today.

Years as an Interior Designer

Classes of Yoga

Healing hours

Years painting Vibrational Mandalas

Project managing
Design Mandalas & Illustrations
Interior Design project and Feng Shui
Reiki, chakra alignment and healing
Content creation for blog, youtube and social media

My Skills

Today I found a way to unite all these skills to help people in their process of self-knowledge. I believe in the connection between body, mind and soul and this approach is the basis of my work. Through sessions of healing, yoga classes, creation of vibrational mandalas and interior design project as healing homes, I aim to contribute to promote individual and collective wellbeing.