We believe that the beginning of the journey is to look inside and begin with self-healing. Holistic therapies help in this process of consciousness expansion, work out self-knowledge, remove blockages and brings harmony to the subtle and physical body, aligning body, mind and spirit. We use many tools that help us in this process, they are:

Yoga and meditation

The practice of yoga is much more than postures, it’s a philosophy of life that works with the body, mind and spirit. By combining postures, breathing exercises, mantras and meditation, yoga promotes wellbeing, reduces stress, brings a sense of connection with its essence, and brings many benefits not only on a physical but also mental and emotional levels.


This Japanese technique helps to reduce stress and promotes relaxation. Using the “Vital Energy of the Universe,” Reiki is a safe and gentle technique that clears energy blocks, improves the immune system, relieves anxiety and provides new vitality. It also increases the vibrational frequency of the body allowing you to have a deeper perception and be opened to achieve a more balanced life.


Crystals have the power to balance and protect the body and they can absorb energy, removing imbalances from the aura, gently dissolving and transmuting negativity. There is a crystal for every disease known to mankind. They can be used for any situation and their healing energies are unique. They help balance, protect and energize people or houses.

Cleansing aura

It’s one of Reiki’s techniques to clear the aura of negativity and impurities. With this tool we unlock the meridians to facilitate the flow of energy, redistributing excess energy to areas in need. We also close the auric holes, which is where the vital energy flows away, and with that, we strengthen the aura against negative energies. Diseases are first recorded in the energy field, so it’s good to always keep our aura clean.

Chakra alignment

Chakras are energy centres that we have in our body. When aligned, vital energy circulates freely, promoting wellbeing. However, when they are blocked we can have emotional imbalances and health problems. After measuring with the pendulum, the alignment technique of chakras is done with energizing, crystals and essential oils. It’s recommended before an important interview, an examination, or if you are feeling emotional imbalance for example.


Very effective Hawaiian technique for self-healing that cleans and cancels emotions that are generating negative situations in your life. The technique transmutes the negative emotions we store, freeing our mind and body from past memories that are still in our unconscious. Clears our electromagnetic field of negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Helps to solve conflicts with other people or past situations

Mandala Vibracional

Mandalas are tools of self-knowledge and meditation, which help you travel on an inner journey to know yourself. With specific colors and numbers of elements, each mandala emits a different vibration according to what you want to manifest.

Family Constellation

It’s a psychotherapeutic method that helps dissolve repetitive family patterns of conflict and disease that are somehow blocking the flow of love among family members. The technique helps to make room for a new understanding and healing of these ancient patterns. It can be used to solve problems of relationships, addictions, emotional and health problems.

Feng Shui

Ancient Chinese science that studies the energy of the house. By balancing the 5 elements in your home, it’s possible to bring more harmony to different areas of your life: career, friendships, creativity, relationships, success, prosperity, family, spirituality and health.