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We're Karen & David, a Brazilian couple who decided to bet on a big dream and believe that everything is possible...

A bit of our story

We met in 2008 and at that time we both had ordinary jobs, stuck in a concrete box. David used to work in an advertising agency and I used to work in a store in a shopping centre. Both of us working much more than 40 hours per week and having little time together. We had many dreams, we wanted to travel, but weekends and holidays were always taken for work.

We were living a life that we could meet each other just once a week, until when in 2011 we managed to save money to live our first great adventure: a trip through Uruguay and Argentina.

There were 12 wonderful days that opened our minds about the size of this world, about all travel possibilities we had in our hands and then a big dream was born: we wanted to explore the four corners of the planet. Our hearts received the call to take a step forward.


But like every trip has its end, we returned to our home town and to our routines and then it came the famous Depression-post-trip. We wanted to keep learning about new cultures, but now all we could do was keep working, following the system, going to college, growing career and stuff you already know.

For over two years we continue to work with only one focus: saving money for the next trip. And the second trip finally happened in 2013, when we backpacked during 25 days in Peru, Bolivia and Chile.


4 months later we went to our first roadtrip in Argentina and it was during this trip that we decided that we would start living together in 2014 to save money to go live in Portugal in 2015.

2014 wasn't an easy year for most Brazilians. With the country in crisis, we weren't financially well and in the end of the day we didn't save any money. It was just another year working to pay bills. But we decided that we needed to take the reins of our lives and change. Hearing so many inspiring stories of others who have radically changed their lives, we thought we could change as well. After lots of research, we decided that instead of going to Portugal we would move to Australia. One of the reasons is because we wanted to improve our English and feel more confident for the day we would travel around the world.

When we told the news to our family and friends, the first reaction they had was shock. And with it came several questions like: "But what will you do with all your stuff? And what if you don't find a job? And what if you have to come back to Brazil and don't have anything else?". Well, we had these doubts too, but we had to overcome our fear and from the moment we made the decision, we just trusted that everything would work out and that the universe would help us. And somehow, the universe helped...


Three months after deciding to move to Australia we got married and we sold everything we had in our house. 3 more months later we were on a plane going to Australia without date to return, with only 3 bags full of dreams, expectations and heaps of butterflies in the stomach.

The first months living on the Gold Coast were full of new things, learning, some challenges and many achievements. It was a period in which we grew a lot and opened our minds to new cultures! Almost one year later an old big dream came true: we bought a campervan! Affectionately nicknamed Feather, our van brought with it the idea to travel light, flowing with the wind and following the flow of the universe. So then our hearts received another call. A call to step forward and get on with our journey. A few months later it was when we started to nourish the idea of this project to decide that the right time is now.


This is just the beginning of our story. We know we still have a long way to go and lots to learn. Here we're starting a new chapter or our life and we want you to be part of this journey. Please leave your e-mail below to receive the news of every new step of this adventure!

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