Follow your heart and chase your dreams.

A big dream
A trip around Australia
In an 1984 campervan
Teaching, learning
and growing.

The Project

This adventure is not only ours, but yours as well

We are starting a self-journey. A journey that we're not only exploring new places, but also exploring our deepest feelings. More than a project, this is our way to give our best and try to change the world we're living.

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What is this project about?


Once we are in peace with ourselves, this peace will start to reflect in our community, in our country and the world. To find this peace we have many tools and one of them is yoga. Yoga means union and it couldn't illustrate better what we believe for the future of our planet: stop thinking about the individual and start thinking about the collective.


We believe that happiness is for everyone and it's possible to find joy in different situations of life. Happiness is inside us and when we learn not to relate happiness with external factors, we will be in peace. Everyone is happy in their own way, each culture has its uniqueness and learning to understand and respecting these differences is part of the happiness of the planet as a whole.


Still talking about different people, we believe that learning new cultures is the basis to stop the prejudice in the world and consequently live in a more peaceful planet. Learning that despite of differences we are all equal, we are all human beings seeking the same thing: happiness.
BE THE change
see IN THE
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be part of this dream

A dream is for those who believe that nothing is impossible.

This is our journey of self-knowledge, but we want to help other people find their own journey too. Supporting our project you will also be supporting all the dreamers who want to make the difference. We are all connected. We are all one.
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Share with your friends

The easiest way to support us is helping us to publicize the project, telling your friends, sharing our posts on facebook, instagram and youtube and showing your support in the form of likes and comments on our social media. Besides the positive energy that it creates, this movement also helps our publications to be viewed by a greater number of people in social media.
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Join the yoga classes

The classes are completely free. We want to have a large number of people in these classes because our goal is to make you feel good with yourself, lighter and happier. This wellbeing will have a positive impact on the people around you, who will pass this positivity to people around them, and so on.
Where is the next class?
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Would you like to contribute to our project in some other way? You can give us anything that comes from your heart. It can be a dinner made by you, a poem, your time teaching us something, a place to sleep ... anything at all, since that comes with good intentions! we love to change experiences with other people and it will be great if we could know you better. 
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Have a look at our products

Do you know that story "I'm moving to the beach and making a living with my art?" Well, we already bought a van, here in Australia we're learning how to walk around barefoot, the next step to be totally hippies is to sell our art! hahaha please have a look at our illustrations on the session "shop".
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Hire us

We are looking for sponsors that can help to keep this project running,
but in this mean time we offer what we know best.
Did you know that we also work with design?
Our website, logo and visual communication was created by David. We also make videos and professional photography. We would be very happy to make something special for your business. 

Please get in contact and let's work together!

Who is Namaste108?

Identifying our natural abilities and putting the focus on what we're really good, we're a team that makes the Namaste108 works in the most harmonious way and as complete as possible. A bit more about each one:
Karen Pok Yoga teacher

Yoga instructor and passionate about nature, she also loves creating art with paints and papers. Despite of being expert in losing maps, her organized side likes making lists and travel spreadsheets. She teaches the yoga classes and writes on the blog.


Our yellow Toyota is a viajeira, a traveller. She was born in Australia and because of this she knows the roads around here much better than us. She is the same age as David, so they get along with each other since the day they met. Being the most experienced in roadtrips, she is responsible for being our travel guide.
David pok Designer and adventurous

Designer, he makes cool drinks, is the genius of finding creative solutions for travelling problems and loves Adventure Time. He's a Pa-kua instructor and he's keen on all kind of radical sports. He's responsible for editing the videos and all the design, including our website.

Instagram: @davidanomade


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