Have you ever wondered how it would be
taking a trip around the world in a campervan?

We have, many, many times! Until the day we realized that it wasn't an impossible dream.

What is this project about?

We began to dream about the possibility of going for a big trip. The problem is that we still had not found a purpose for this. We didn't want to do just a sabbatical year, but something that would transform our lives!

So we started planning a great adventure, perhaps the biggest of our lives. But there was still something missing. It would be impossible to be happy without sharing all that we have learned and what we can still learn.

As Thoreau would say, happiness is only real when shared.


Our biggest dream IS going for a trip around the world, but we want to take one step at a time. So we decided to first travel around Australia. After two years living on the Gold Coast, we realized that we still know very little about this incredible country and that Australia still has much to teach us.

But we don't want this to be just another ordinary trip. The universe has brought us so many good things and we want to give it back. We wanna do something good for society. We wanna positively impact people around us.

We want to live in a place where kindness rules the world and for this everyone must do their part. And our contribution is with this project.


The purpose of this project is during the trip offer free yoga classes in public spaces, open to all those who want to learn.

We believe that knowledge is only valid when shared. That's why we want to share with you every step of this journey and each new discovery.

We are not special and not even a kind of guru. We're ordinary people, but who dream with a better future. Tomorrow is built step by step and we must start today. There is a lot of compassion in the world, but the media focuses so much on negative things that we sometimes forget that human beings are good by nature.


"I did my teacher training with Yoga no Parque, a beautiful Brazilian organization that offers weekly free classes in the park for hundreds of people! That's my base and it's where I came from, and certainly Namaste108 came from this idea of teaching yoga for free. "

This is the mission of Namaste108. It's a project with two ways: we want to teach, but also want to learn. It's an exchange of knowledge, an exchange of energy and also our own way of self-knowledge. That's why we want to invite all those who believe in a better world to join this dream that is not only ours but of all! We are all one.

We may not yet know exactly how this all is going to work, but we know that if we dedicate ourselves with love, everything is possible. We believe in the energy of exchanging and because of this we also want to offer free private yoga classes or Reiki sessions for anyone who wants to help us. Could be with a place to sleep, a conversation under the stars, a dinner, or anything that comes from the heart. We believe that together we can go further and that this trip is not only ours, but of all the dreamers who will be by our side.‚Äč

We want to connect with people and hear about their stories too, so we invite you to be part of this dream. 

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What is Namaste?

Namaste means "the divinity in me recognizes and salutes the divinity in you." Every being has within it a divine light and recognizes that this light exists within all other beings, so they are equal and respect each other. They recognize that they are at the same level and are not better or worse than anyone else. One is not an individual being, but part of a whole. We're all the same.

why 108?

This number is considered sacred in many traditions and is known for representing all existence. Various mathematical and physical reasons explain this. For example, the Earth, the Moon and the Sun are connected by the number 108, and the average distance between them is 108 times their respective diameter. The Sanskrit alphabet has 54 male and 54 female letters, totaling 108. 108 is the number of beads in a mala, and many other esoteric, mathematical and physical explanations.


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