Let's do yoga together? :)

Take a moment to connect with your body, mind and soul.

How these classes works

Our yoga classes are offered in open spaces, usually in the park. They are completely free and all you need to bring is something to put on the grass. It can be a yoga mat, a sarong or a towel. If the sun is strong, don't forget the sunscreen!


Don't worry if you never tried yoga before...you don't need any experience to come to this classes. They are for all levels, from beginners to those who have practiced for a long time! You don't need to be flexible and neither touch your feet to practice yoga! The important thing is to move your body and feel good with yourself.

Everybody is welcome, including children and babies. Children usually have lots of fun during the class and it's a good opportunity to spend some time with your children. Pets are welcome too!


The idea of this project is to offer as many classes as possible, in every city we go and to as many people as we can! So invite your friends and help us to spread the word. The more people, the more fun! If you are a yoga teacher or have a yoga studio and want to support our project, invite your students to join these classes and we will include your name on the list of our supporters :)

The classes calendar will be updated on our Facebook page as we confirm the cities we're going. The official confirmation of the class will be published on the Facebook page on the day of the class, a few hours before we start it. This is because if it's raining unfortunately we have to cancel the class.

Mother Nature rules the world.

Check our Facebook page to know where we are.

Our classes are photographed and recorded to be posted on YouTube.

This is one of the ways we found to share our project and also allows people from other cities to do online classes as well.

By participating of the class you are agreeing with the right to use your image :)

Check our youtube channel.


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